We sell light duty diesel filters that meet or exceed OEM Specs. We third-party test our filters to ensure high quality & use premium 3 layer media that keeps a high flow. Whereas most customers use 2 layer and do not meet OEM spec. Simply online ordering , or can send us a P.O. , or can take orders over the phone.


Special dealer pricing

Access to Dealer website

Shipped under 24 hours (weekdays)

New Dealer Pack

Interested In Selling Doc's Diesel Filters?

What We Offer

• Aftermarket Filters, OEM Micron and Efficiency Ratings

• Premium 3 layer media used on all fuel filters

• Complete Filter Kits available


• $500 Order Minimum on every order

• Must be a Business

• We do not authorize the resell of our parts online. We sell to shops/dealers/and wholesalers/ and our own website

• No net terms (unless it’s a big reputable company, we will do terms BUT their first order has to be paid up front).

• Fill out dealer form for approval, give us 1 full business day to review your account

• Once approved you will be able to login right on our site and access the B2B/Wholesale benefits

• If denied, hang tight and continue to order on the site as a customer! We are limiting the amount of B2B accounts given as we continue to keep up with supply and demand.